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The research group Language & Education is a dynamic group dedicated to the study of language learning in all its facets. The research carried out within our research group aims to unravel the interaction between (1) the learner, (2) the learner’s social and educational situation and (3) language or content via language.

The research group has four main research areas:

  1. assessment
  2. task-based language teaching
  3. vocabulary
  4. writing


Other research topics that are covered in our research group are:

  • Implicit and explicit language learning
  • Instructed Second Language Acquisition
  • Language policy, language and equal opportunities, multilingualism
  • Language proficiency          


The research group Language & Education is well represented at international conferences and in international organizations, has supervised dozens of PhDs, and has generated over 60 publications in the last five years. 

Elke Peters and Kris Van den Branden are the co-editors of ITL, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, published by John Benjamins. For more information on submission details, please visit the journal's website.