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Functional and Cognitive Linguistics: English, Spanish and Typology


Welcome to the website of the research group Functional and cognitive linguistics: English, Spanish, Typology in the Department of Linguistics, University of Leuven.


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The research group FEST consists of researchers conducting research on English, Spanish and typological issues in the field of cognitive-functional linguistics. Over the last decade the research group FEST has mainly been concerned with the semantics and pragmatics of different types of verbal and (pro)nominal constructions, both synchronically and diachronically.

The research focus is on (i) grammaticalization and emergent grammar, (ii) modality and (inter)subjectification, (iii) construction grammar, (iv) case marking, (v) complementation and clause combining, (vi) information structure in narrative and interactional discourse.

We offer a dynamic working environment for Phd students and postdoctoral researchers. We believe that a good academic track record is the best basis for applications for ambitious research programmes.


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