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Programme in European Culture and Society

The program at a glance

The non-degree Study Abroad programme in European Culture and Society (PECS) at the Faculty of Arts is designed to offer international students from around the world a unique experience of pursuing a variety of academic disciplines, with courses taught in English. The full programme is open to Bachelor students in their third or fourth year only. As the international students remain registered at their home university, PECS does not offer degrees as such.

The courses cover a whole range of fields from the Arts, the Social Sciences, Political Science, Business, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy… Programme participants will be taking classes with students from Leuven, Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to this PECS has put together a package of extra-curricular activities to ensure that European culture and society is more than just a course subject. In Leuven it becomes a part of your daily life, an experience that you just cannot miss. Leuven is, in every way, the perfect home base to explore Europe. These activities and events are also open to Erasmus/Socrates students, exchange students and students from other international programmes at the Faculty of Arts.

Download the complete programme brochure (2MB)

Watch here a complete presentation of PECS, with a lot of useful information (click on the links within the presentation).


Academic Information

Academic calendar

The calendar for the next fall semester (2014) is available here.

Course offerings

Although our students might be psychology, history, I.R, philosophy… majors at KU Leuven they will be registered as a student of the Study Abroad Programme in European Culture and Society at the Faculty of Arts.

The PECS core courses with a focus on European Culture and Society are:

  • The Low Countries at the Crossroads of European History (F0GA4A and F0VK2A) - M. Huibrechts
  • International Relations and European Integration since WWII (F0GA3A and F0VL6A) - S. Sterkx
  • Institutions and Policy of the European Union (F0GA2A) &
    Historic developments and current issues in European institutions and
    policy issues (F0VK6A) - S. Hermans
  • Flemish Art and European Culture (F0GA1A) - J. Van der Stock
  • Comparative European Literature (F0GA0A) - H. Schwall
  • Literature, Religion and Art in Europe: an interdisciplinary approach (F0VL7A) - H. Schwall

In 2013, a new special course was designed for international students at the Faculty of Arts: Intercultural Interaction in a Student Mobility Context (F0XO8A). This four-credit course (4 ECTS) focuses on student mobility experiences and the intercultural challenges and chances created during study abroad.  

In addition to the PECS core courses our students can take courses offered by different departments and faculties at KU Leuven. 

Course Load

To qualify as a full-time student for immigration purposes our (non-EEA) students must gather 54-60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) per year. Semester students need a minimum 27-30 ECTS.

The student's course selection has to be discussed with the appropriate advisor in his/her undergraduate school as well. It is the student's responsibility to assure that courses taken at KU Leuven will receive credit at the home college or university.

Selecting Courses

Most Belgian students in their third year of university study have fixed programs of study with little choice of classes. Our PECS students, however, have considerable choice. This means that they have an opportunity to "shop around" and find exactly the courses they want to take. In turn, such "shopping" means that they will attend the first classes of a large number of courses in order to see what they involve. We advise our students to always attend the first class of any course that they might take, simply so that they will know what the professor requires. This is critical!

Language Courses

Courses in foreign languages (i.e. not Dutch) are taught at the Center for Living Languages (CLT). If a student wants to take courses in a language at anything beyond the introductory level, they need to take a placement test. Our students must register for these courses immediately upon arrival in Leuven and should see the Coordinator as soon as possible if they intend to register at the CLT.

"Dutch for foreigners" language courses are available at the Leuven Language Institute (ILT). As for other languages, students who are interested in taking one of these courses should register immediately upon arrival in Leuven.

Registration for courses

On the application form, students will need to fill out the courses that they intend to take at KU Leuven. The course selection has to be approved by both KU Leuven and the home institution.

Students can still add or change courses during the first few weeks in Leuven, but each change needs to be approved by the programme coordinator and the home institution. This is to avoid students taking classes for which they do not have the necessary background knowledge or prerequisites. To add courses or change the course selection the add/change form needs to be filled out.

Dropping courses is possible. No withdrawal is possible after the drop deadline.

The necessary forms will be distributed during the academic infosession, and can also be downloaded from our bulletin board on Toledo.

Prerequisites and Special Permission Courses

Some of the courses offered through the programme are only open to students that meet the necessary prerequisites.

For several of the advanced courses (primarily in business, psychology, philosophy) students need a "special permission to take the course".

PECS wants its students to successfully complete every course they take in Leuven and therefore will be very strict in this matter.

Attendance in Class

PECS students may have heard that many students in Europe do not attend classes regularly. This is true of many students in the first two years of study, and it is the main reason why 53% of them drop out of University after two years. It is not true for upperclassmen, and hence our students are strongly advised to adapt to this situation. This is especially urgent in courses with a small number of students, where absence will be quickly noticed and may have an adverse impact on the final grade.

In seminars attendance is obligatory: three unjustified absences can result in exclusion from participating in the exams. Attendance at language courses is also obligatory.

Exam regulation at KU Leuven

At KU Leuven there are 2 official exam periods for yearlong students: the first period in February, and the second period in June/July. For international semester students leaving before the Christmas break there is an exceptional exam period during the last week before the break.

Many exams at KU Leuven are oral. In many courses, the one exam will form the entire basis for a student's grade. The first criterion in all exams is that the student knows the material; the second is whether he/she is creative and innovative on the basis of that material. Exam information sessions will be held in December and May by PECS. KU Leuven also organises general information sessions on exam regulations, ombuds, expectations from professors, etc. These KU Leuven sessions will be announced through the E-Newsletter.

Official exam arrangements are only made by the PECS office. For several reasons students can not make individual arrangements with their professors.

No holiday arrangements or arrangements to fly back home made before the exam schedule is final and complete will be accepted as a valid reason to change the official exam arrangement in case an exam is scheduled for a certain day after the student's planned departure.

Grading Scale: Transcript Interpretation

Point Value Transcript US Equivalent
18-20 Outstanding A+
16-17 Very Good A
14-15 Good A-
13 Above Average B+
12 Average B
11 Satisfactory B- or C+
10 Satisfactory C
8-9 Insufficient D
0-7 Very insufficient F
GA Legally absent INCOMPLETE


Students do not have the option to take a course on a Pass/Fail basis at KU Leuven. However, should the home university grant permission to take a course Pass/Fail we would like to note the following:

Passing grade at KU Leuven: 20-10 (A through C)
Failing grade at KU Leuven: 9 and below (D through F)


As our students will soon notice, higher education in Belgium (and most of Europe) is structured differently from that in the United States or Canada, where most of our students come from. A much smaller percentage of the general population goes on to University or College. Some of their predecessors have stated that in Leuven they learned what it means to be a student. Here our students will be able to devote considerable time to subjects of their interest, without being bothered by the constant pressure of quizzes, midterms, papers etc. Here they will have the time to follow up on suggestions offered in class by your professors (this may be useful for exams). Here self-motivation is indispensable.

It is of vital importance that our students attend the classes and keep up with the material, so that at exam time they will not be taxed to the point of total exhaustion or fail some courses and thus lose credits. Again, the final grade often depends on that one exam. Experience teaches that if you do not keep up with the material, you will not be able to take all the exams at the end of the semester or year.

Although your achievements and behavior reflect primarily your own person, they also represent your home University or College, and by extension your home country. During your residence in Leuven and your enrollment at KU Leuven, you are an ambassador for the College and for your country.

Beyond academics

Studying abroad is an intense personal and life-altering experience. It is important that international students find a balance between their academic and social life in a new and unfamiliar cultural environment. PECS has put together an extensive package of trips, events and activities and works closely together with KU Leuven in the organisation of larger events for all international guests.

Orientation and Cultural Package

The trips organised within our cultural package are open to programme participants (included in their tuition), and to other students, who pay a small participation fee. Belgian volunteer students assist the programme staff as your cultural guides. Participants will be offered the opportunity to visit places like Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Bokrijk, Bouillon,... and last but not least a study abroad experience in Belgium will only be complete with a visit to a chocolate factory and one of the many breweries.

Buddy Programme

Programme participants that want to see more than just the classroom, favourite pub and this student town can sign up for KU Leuven's buddy programme. Through this hospitality programme students are offered the opportunity to meet a Belgian family, learn more about Belgian ways of life, values,...

Volunteering in the Leuven Community

Even if you only study abroad for a semester you can optimise your intercultural learning experience through getting involved in the Leuven community. This is your chance to interact with people from a culture other than your own and to work on those increasingly important intercultural skills! PECS students currently have the opportunity to volunteer at local high schools (tutoring, presentations, sports initiation,...) and in a retirement home (personal support, cafeteria,...). Other projects are being offered in cooperation with Serve the City Leuven: kindergartens (Sint Jan, Mater Dei), daycare centers for disabled people (Roerhuis, Oikonde), houses for lower income people (Poverello, crisiscenter), university childcare centers and many more projects where you can contribute your time for the good of humanity.



PECS : Cultural Package


TO SIGN UP FOR THE ACTIVITIES, CONTACT MS. ANNELIES KINDT: annelies.kindt@arts.kuleuven.be or +32 (0) 16 32 87 09

Activities were especially designed for PECS, but all (international) KU Leuven students are welcome to join us!!


PECS : Housing

Your Housing Situation in Leuven

PECS students are currently living in 5 different houses spread over the town.

Leuven is not that big. The city itself is our campus and our campus is the city. There are about 50,000 inhabitants and 30,000 of them are students! University buildings are not located in one particular place like in most North-American universities, but they are spread all over town.

Based on the housing form we will attempt to accommodate your needs and preferences, but no housing requests can be guaranteed. When you are accepted for the fall semester or the academic year, you can either contact your study abroad coordinator or PECS directly in order to find out more about your housing arrangement.

Housing Contract

For legal reasons the contract is made up in Dutch, but we will have an English translation at hand. The contracts used by PECS are standard housing contracts from the Housing Service of KU Leuven.
Each house has a set of houserules. They are an integral part of your housing contract and need to be signed together with your contract.

Housing Deposit

When you sign the contract you will also need to pay a housing deposit (mostly it is € 300 in cash). This deposit serves as refund for:

  • damage of the rented materials, caused by you or your guests
  • end of lease cleaning fee. If both the room and your space in the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards are left in a clean condition, so that the next tenant can move in immediately, there will be no extra end of lease cleaning fee.
  • replacement fee for the keys in case these are not returned at the end of the lease.

Arrangements for the housing contract and deposit are being made by the director of your residence, who will also give your keys at the beginning of your stay.

The deposit, minus replacement fees, cleaning fees, and bank charges, will either be returned in cash or by money transfer to your home account abroad after full inspection of the room.


Housing Facilities


Junior House

  • There are 7 double rooms and 13 single rooms in Junior House. Only PECS students with a request to live in a double room will end up living in Junior House. With 8 to 10 North-American students, 7 to 8 Belgian and 8 to 10 other international students, Junior House is together with J.L.Vives our most international housing option.
  • There is 1 common kitchen (kitchenware available), 3 showers, 4 toilets, TV-room, payphone, bicycle rack, large garden
  • All rooms have an internet connection, single bed, closet, desk, bookshelf, chair, desklamp, bed linen, pillow and duvet, wastepaper basket, sink. In double rooms this is available for each student separately.
  • Junior House is a house with a Resident-Assistant (RA). The RA lives in the house and is your primary contact for PECS. He/she will organize house meetings, talk about recycling, chores, security issues, etc.
  • Junior House is situated very close the railway and bus station. The city centre is only a 15 minute walk away.
  • Mailing address: Justus Lipsiusstraat 58, B-3000 Leuven, BELGIUM


Loyola International Nachbahr House

This option is available for Loyola University Maryland students only

  • There are 16 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and 23 single rooms (split up in 6 units). Loyola International Nachbar House provides housing to 67 students: around 30 Americans students, and around 37 Belgian and other international (mainly European) students.
  • There is a kitchen in each unit (kitchenware available), 1 or 2 bathrooms per unit with two showers and a toilet (9 bathrooms in total, 3 on each floor), TV/reading room, study room, computer room with 3 PC's and printers (2 with Internet access), laundry room with washer and dryer (iron, iron board and vacuum cleaner can be obtained at the secretariat), phone for incoming calls on each floor, 1 public phone for outgoing calls, garden
  • All rooms are fully furnished and have an internet connection
  • Mailing address: Schapenstraat 80, B-3000 Leuven, BELGIUM


J.L. Vives International Residence

  • There are 15 double rooms and 13 single rooms in J.L. Vives International Residence. With 16 North-American or Asian students, and 18 students from Belgium and other European countries, the house is together with Junior House our most international housing option.
  • There are 3 common kitchens (kitchenware available), 8 showers, 11 toilets, a living room with TV, washing machine, drying machine, bicycle rack, large garden
  • All rooms have an internet connection, single bed, closet, desk, bookshelf, chair, desklamp, bed linen, pillow and duvet, wastepaper basket, sink. In double rooms this is available for each student separately. Every room has its own mailbox in the entrance hall.
  • J.L.Vives is a house with a Resident-Assistant (RA). The RA lives in the house and is your primary contact for PECS. He/she will organize house meetings, talk about recycling, chores, security issues, etc.
  • You can access the house only with your student card (electronical access). Make sure you never lose your card!
  • J.L.Vives is located right in the city centre, only a few minutes away from the central square and the main university buildings.
  • Mailing address:
    Damiaanplein 10, room number
    B-3000 Leuven

Residence Mgr Karel Cruysberghs

  • There are 105 rooms in this residence, spread among 5 floors and 10 separate corridors. One double room and 7 single rooms are available for PECS students.
  • There is one common kitchen per corridor, as well as showers and toilets. On the ground floor there is a large living room with TV.
  • All rooms have an internet connection, single bed, closet, desk, bookshelf, chair, desklamp, bed linen, pillow and duvet, wastepaper basket, sink. In double rooms this is available for each student separately. Every room has its own mailbox in the entrance hall.
  • Cruysberghs residence is located right in the city centre, only a few minutes away from the central square and the main university buildings.
  • During the night, you can access the front door leading towards the courtyard only with your student card (electronic access). You will receive also a key for the entrance door of the residence, the door of your hallway and your room door.
  • Mailing address:
    Minderbroedersstraat 6, B-3000 Leuven

COPAL Residence

  • The former convent currently has 156 modern, bright and spacious rooms (including 25 double rooms) and 14 kitchens. 
  • COPAL means COllegium Pro Americana Latinum and used to be the central homebase for priests that went to the America’s for preaching and missionary works. was built in the early 20th century and acquired by KU Leuven in 2002. The building underwent extensive renovation in several stages to transform it into a student residence that combines historic charm with modern comfort.
  • There is a spacious garden with basketball field, jeu-de-boule lawns, grassfields and some very old oak trees.
  • COPAL residence blends the authentic atmosphere of the former convent with modern style: it features bright colours, new materials, surprising vistas, small courtyards and an attractive multifunctional room with atrium. The monumental central corridor with its pointed arches and black-and-white marble floor connects the different parts of the building and leads into the garden.
  • All rooms have an internet connection, single bed, closet, desk, bookshelf, chair, bed linen, wastepaper basket, sink. In double rooms this is available for each student separately.
  • New housing option for PECS students from the academic year 2011-2012. PECS students will only be housed in double rooms.
  • Mailing address: Tervuursestraat 56, B-3000 Leuven, BELGIUM


Application process

Application Requirements

Good Academic Standing

Since the academic system at KU Leuven is quite different to the one you are used to, we require a minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.0 for US students, or international equivalent.

In our academic system a stronger emphasis is put on the work you do outside the classroom (reading, research, …). Experience tells us that a student with a minimum Cum. GPA 3.0 will have less difficulty to adjust to the new and unfamiliar academic environment. PECS is very strict about this. Even when we see that, in spite of a minimum Cum. GPA of 3.0, your academic performance is weakening, we will either conditionally accept you or not accept you into our program.

On the other hand PECS has accepted students with a Cum. GPA below 3.0 before. In this case various aspects of the student's performance are taken into account. The most important one is an upward trend in the student's GPA.

We would also like to point out that acceptance into our program is never guaranteed. Meeting all our requirements (and the minimum GPA 3.0 is one of the most important requirements) however, puts you on top of the list.

Language Proficiency Requirement

For non-native speakers, we require evidence of proficiency in English: TOEFL 237 (computer-based test) or 580 (paper-based test) or 92 (internet-based test), IELTS 6.5.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in our Study Abroad Programme in European Culture & Society you must first discuss your plans with your Study Abroad Advisor. In general, your Study Abroad Office, will submit your application to KU Leuven, handle the financial arrangements, and help you prepare for your study abroad. In exceptional cases, individual arrangements can be made.

Fill out the online application form and send it to our office before the deadline:

  • February 15 for the first semester (September through December/January)
  • October 15 for the second semester (February through June)


Make sure your application form is complete before you submit it. This will speed up the acceptance process. Detailed information on various aspects of our programme can be found on this site or at your Study Abroad Office.

The following items are important:


Guidelines for filling out the online application form can be found here.

All applicants will be notified one month after the deadline and receive an "admission offer" by email, that must be accepted by the applicant.

BE CAREFUL: In case you withdraw after having accepted the admission offer, a withdrawal fee can be charged. 

In case you withdraw after arrival in Leuven, it is no longer possible to get a refund of your tuition fee.

Fees and cost estimate


Billing of tuition and housing is arranged via the Home University. Information on the tuition fee is available at your Study Abroad Office.
In case you are an exchange student information on the complementary fees can be obtained from your Study Abroad Office.

Tuition includes:

  • All field trips and cultural events organized or promoted by PECS
  • A sports card which gives you access to the facilities and services offered by the Sports Center.
  • Participation in the orientation days
  • A "third party liability" insurance (required by KU Leuven)


Financial aid

For information on financial aid, contact your home university.

Cost Estimate

Not included in this estimate are:

  • Tuition (to be paid to the Home Institution)
  • Health insurance, Air fare, Visa fare.
  • Travel expenses and personal trips



Fall programme

Spring programme

Academic year

Accomodation (kitchen ware/ bed linnen incl.)

€ 1,500 / 1,950

double/single€ 1,500 / 1,950

€ 3,000 / 3,900

Food & daily expenses

€ 1,250

€ 1,600

€ 3,100

Normal spending for entertainment

€ 400

€ 500

€ 1,000

Books and supplies

€ 250

€ 250

€ 500

Clothing (washing incl.)

€ 375

€ 375

€ 750

Transportation and communication

€ 200

€ 250



€ 4,075 / 4,525

€ 4,575 / 4,925

€ 8,850 / 9,750


Information for accepted students

All communication with you after your acceptance and prior to your arrival in Leuven will go through the Study Abroad Office of your home institution. When you do contact us directly by e-mail we would like to ask you to copy your study abroad advisor in on the message.

Admission Letter

The official letters of admission to KU Leuven are issued by the KU Leuven International Admissions office.

After acceptance into PECS it will take another 3-4 weeks before the letters of admission will be sent out to the Study Abroad Office of your home institution. The entire admission procedure may take up to 12 weeks.

Administrative Formalities Prior to your Departure

There are two things you need to take care of before your departure. The most important one of course is your visa application. Choose either Non-EU citizens or citizens from within the EU, Iceland, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland to obtain more information about the procedure.

Most students accepted into PECS will need to apply for an "Authorisation for Provisional Sojourn", approximately 3 months prior to departure. This particular type of visa (in Dutch: Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf) allows you to stay in Belgium for a period longer than 3 months. You must apply for this visa at the Belgian Consulate or Embassy in your home country, not from the public authorities in Belgium itself. More info at: http://diplobel.fgov.be/en/travel/visa/default.asp

Note: you cannot apply for nor be granted the Authorisation for Provisional Sojourn in Belgium when you enter the country with a tourist visa.

The following documents are imporant:

  • A valid passport
  • Permission to enrol at KU Leuven
  • Proof of solvency
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Medical certificate
  • Declaration signed by yourself, certifying that you will leave Belgium upon the completion of your studies

As a student with citizenship within the EU, Iceland, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland you do not have to apply for a visa.

Service for Students with Disabilities

Students who have been identified as having a disability and therefore receive special exam accommodations at their home university, can also receive accommodations at KU Leuven. The disability officer will decide on this together with the student, and taking into account the standards required by KU Leuven. You will need to provide the necessary documentation from the Service for Students with Disabilities at your home university, in which case there are normally no further medical examinations needed in Leuven.

How to get to Leuven

Download the pdf and take it with you while you travel to Leuven.

You can check the location of the PECS office and the different houses on this map. The official KU Leuven map is available here.

Housing in Leuven

More information about housing can be found here.

Administrative Formalities upon Arrival

Quite some administrative formalities have to be completed upon arrival and therefore the program has arranged your orientation schedule in such a way that we can take care of all this paperwork in just 1 day. Check our academic calendar to find out when our registration day is planned.

Read this section carefully and bring the necessary documents with you on our registration day!

Registrar's Office

PECS has already preregistered you at KU Leuven. At the Registrar's Office you will receive:

  • University Student ID-card: provides you access to university libraries, cafeteria's
  • Sports card: grants you access to the university's sports facilities
  • 3rd Party Liability insurance (Paid for by PECS!)
  • Proof of enrollment at KU Leuven: you will need this document to enroll yourself at City Hall
  • Proof of enrollment for the health insurance company


As an international student in Belgium, you are required by law to prove that you are covered by a health insurance policy. Firstly, this is a prerequisite for obtaining a valid residence status in Belgium. Secondly, it is also necessary for your registration as a student at KU Leuven.

Registration in the Foreigner's Ledger

Since your visa is only valid for 3 months once you entered Belgium, you will have to register yourself in the Foreigner's Ledger at City Hall to obtain a residence permit. This registration has to be done within 8 working days after your arrival. The entire procedure will take about 2 months.

The following documents are required:

  • Your passport
  • 3 passport pictures
  • Proof of enrollment at KU Leuven
  • Student ID-card


After filling out the necessary forms and handing them back in at the Foreigner's Registration Office a local police officer will stop by your house to verify whether or not you actually live there. In case you are not at home you will receive an invitation to go to the Police station and show your housing contract to the officer in charge of the area you live in. After about 3 more weeks you will have to go back to City Hall to pick up your residence permit (white card for non-Europeans, blue card for Europeans).

Registration of U.S. citizens residing in Belgium

US citizens residing in Belgium are strongly advised to register at the U.S. Consular Service.

Brochure "Living in Leuven"

It contains useful information to help you navigate the practical, social and cultural challenges you’ll face upon arriving in Leuven. Click here for more information.


Guidelines for filling out the application form and required attachments

Online application form

You can start the online application procedure via http://www.kuleuven.be/application/. Please read the instructions carefully, fill out the application form and don't forget to add all the required attachments!


These are some further specific instructions for PECS students:

  • Step 1: Request and activate your guest account.
  • Step 2: Download the application form using the web application Applicant and fill it out as completely and as clearly as possible. Your status should be “PECS”, the correct faculty is “Faculty of Arts” and the “KUL contact person” is Annelies Kindt. Arrival and departure dates are very important for visa purposes, since these dates will appear on your admission letter: click on “indefinite” as academic period, then choose September 1st as arrival date and July 31st as departure date (departure date for the fall semester is January 31st and arrival date for the spring semester is February 1st). Please also do NOT fill out the address of your student room, ONLY your permanent address (which has to appear on your admission letter).
  • Step 3: Submit the application form.
  • Step 4: Upload the following required attachments (applications received without these core documents will not be processed!):

  • Recommendations letters are optional, but can be uploaded as well if you have any. Please do NOT upload your physician’s statement, since this should be treated as confidential information!!
  • Step 5: Mail a certified copy of your transcript, together with your physician’s statement. This can be done through your home university. Send it to the PECS office directly (Blijde-Inkomststraat 21/3312, B-3000 Leuven, BELGIUM), we will forward it to the International Admissions and Mobility Unit at KU Leuven.
  • Step 6: Payment of application fee: this is not applicable for PECS students, since it is done through your home university.
  • Step 7: Follow-up of your file using the same web application Applicant.
  • Step 8: Acceptance of admission offer: as soon as you receive a confirmation of the decision by email and you know that you are admitted, you need to accept the offer. You are also asked for a third party libility insurance and a sports card, please answer "yes" since they are both included in your tuition fee. Once that is done, KU Leuven will issue your admission letter and send it to your study abroad advisor at your home university.
  • Step 9: Pre-registration: this is done automatically.
  • Step 10: Arrival in Leuven. PECS students will all go together to the registrar’s office, where you can finalize your registration and obtain your student card.


Course selection

Please see the course catalogue in order to get an overview of the courses that you can take at KU Leuven. Click on the course number on the left hand side in order to access the syllabus, click on "key to symbols" in order to see an overview of common symbols used (e.g. the semester when the course is offered) 

Statement of Purpose

We ask you to write an essay (no more than 2 pages), which supports your candidacy. Be sure to address all of the following:

  • Your personal qualities and skills
  • Any significant personal experience(s) that would help you to adjust to a different culture
  • How your chosen program (course selection) relates to your undergraduate studies
  • How you plan to learn from the community in which you will be living
  • Why you would like to study in Leuven
  • How you think to benefit from this study abroad program and what you expect from it

You might want to choose one of the following quotes as a starting point:

" If you see in any given situation only what everybody else can see, you can be said to be so much a representative of your culture than you're a victim of it." (S.I. Hayakawa)

" Travel, instead of broadening the mind, often merely lengthens the conversation." (Elizabeth Drew)


Housing Form

PECS reserves a room for you in a residence where you will be living with Belgian and other international students. Bed linen, comforters, pillows, kitchenware,... are included in the rent.

Based on the housing form we will attempt to accommodate your needs and preferences, but no housing requests can be guaranteed.


The following elements are taken into account when we assign a room:


  • Preference for a double or a single room: when you are really not willing to share a room, please do not check this box.
  • Proximity to classes (based on your course selection)
  • Activities of interest in Leuven and proximity to places where these activities are held
  • Desire to do sports (athletics) in Leuven
  • Mix of students from different universities/countries
  • Medical condition (proximity to doctors and pharmacists)

Physician's Statement and Health Information

Both the physician's statement and the section on your health are of extreme importance to us. We need this information to be able to be of maximum assistance to you should the need arise while you are studying in Leuven. Mild physical or psychological disorders can become serious under stresses of life in an unfamiliar environment. It is important that we be made aware of any medical or emotional problems, past or current, which might affect you in a foreign study context.

The information provided by you and your physican(s) will remain confidential and will only be shared with program staff, or appropriate professionals if pertinent to your own well being. Your application will not be rejected on the basis of either a physical or emotional condition.

You can have the separate health information form filled out by your own physician(s).

Your physician(s) need(s) to indicate whether you have

  • A history of chronic or disabling physical conditions
  • Any allergies, which may require either continuing or emergency treatment
  • Any special dietary problems
  • Any other physical or emotional condition which might affect your well being while living in Belgium

We would also like the physician to list the generic names for any prescribed medicine you require which may not be readily obtainable in Belgium.

Should you have questions concerning any of these items, please feel free to contact us.


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Contact information

International Mobility and Cooperation Office - Faculty of Arts

Blijde-Inkomststraat 21/3312

B-3000 Leuven BELGIUM

Fax: +32-(0)16-32 47 31




Annelies Kindt, Policy Adviser IMCO and Coordinator PECS programme

Tel.: +32-(0)16-32 87 09

annelies.kindt [at] arts.kuleuven.be

Roger Janssens, Executive Director International Mobility and Cooperation Office (Academic advisor)

Tel.: +32-(0)16-32 50 13


Conversion tables

Some converstion tables that can come in handy:

  • Distance
    • 1 inch = 2,54 cm
    • 1 foot = 12 inches = 30,58 cm
    • 1 yard = 3 feet = 36 inches = 91,44 cm
    • 1 mile = 1.760 yards = 5.280 feet = 1,6 km
  • Weight
    • 1 ounce = 28,35 gr
    • 1 pound = 16 ounces = 453,6 gr
    • 1 ton = 2.000 pounds = 907,2 kg
  • Content
    • 1 teaspoon = 5 ml
    • 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons = 15 ml
    • 1 cup = 22,7 cl
    • 1 pint = 55 cl
    • 1 quart = 2 pints = 1,1 l
    • 1 gallon = 3,785 l
  • Temperature

Formulas to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and the other way around: °F
= (°C*1,8)+32; °C = (°F-32)/1,8.

  • 32 °F = 0 °C (freezing point)
  • 98,6 °F = 37 °C (body temperature)
  • 212 °F = 100 °C (boiling point water)
  • Clothing measures


Jackets, sweat shirts and suits





14 1/2
15 1/2
15 3/4
16 1/2



7 1/2
8 1/2
9 1/2
10 1/2


Jackets, skirts and dresses



Blouses and sweat shirts







List of doctors

  • Bogaerts J., Spaarzaamheidstraat 6
  • Celis I., Fonteinstraat 75 Box 69, 016 20 38 61
  • Claus G., Zwarte-Zustersstraat 16 Box 42, 016 20 78 74
  • Coene G., Em. Van Arenberghstraat 15, 016 23 15 73
  • Craninx M., Koning Albertlaan 6, 016 22 81 11
  • De Ridder E., Riddersstraat 149, 016 40 31 36
  • Decq M., Philipslaan 9, 016 25 00 50
  • Depoot I., Sint-Hubertusstraat 7, 016 22 66 72
  • Deyaert V., Naamsestraat 105, 016 20 98 36
  • Dons V., Lei 23, 016 23 53 52
  • Fossion E., Tiensevest 140, 016 22 33 51
  • Geys A., Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 27, 016 22 12 99
  • Ghyselen M., Dagobertstraat 15, 016 22 72 93
  • Goffin K., Blijde-Inkomststraat 136, Box 3 016 22 79 85
  • Merckx J., Kapucijnenvoer 231, 016 23 04 42
  • Peeters S., J.B. Van Monsstraat 89 Box 18, 016 25 52 51
  • Renaerts A., Tiensevest 74, 016 23 72 44
  • Saelemaeckers E., 's-Hertogenlaan 23, 016 23 42 43
  • Scholtus W., Dekenstraat 51, 016 23 01 58
  • Spincemaille L., Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 24 Box 3, 016 23 92 50
  • Sprengers J., Tessenstraat 11 Box 6, 016 29 21 16
  • Steyaert B., Wagenweg 16, 016 23 03 48
  • Thonon M., Heilige-Geeststraat 4 Box 17, 016 32 89 79
  • Topal B., M. Fochplein 6, 016 20 04 67
  • Van Baelen S., Blijde-Inkomststraat 15, 016 32 54 54
  • Van Damme P., Wieringstraat 8, 016 22 12 72
  • Van Den Neste R., Naamsestraat 156, 016 23 90 75
  • Verduyckt H., Kapucijnenvoer 70, 016 20 33 29
  • Verlé X., Wagenweg 16, 016 23 03 48
  • Wérion P., Oudebaan 228, 016 25 03 79


List of pharmacies

  • Apophar, Tiensestraat 81
  • Baeck, Oude Markt 14
  • Bex, Diestsestraat 125A
  • Bostoen, Naamsestraat 30
  • Buelens, Vaartstraat 1
  • Camerlynck, Naamsestraat 65
  • Davidts, Diestsestraat 223
  • De Bond, Bondgenotenlaan 163
  • De Zeven Hoeken, Mechelsestraat 5
  • Herremans (Lovapharma), Oude Markt 34
  • Houberechts, Diestsestraat 129
  • Juste-Lipse, Bondgenotenlaan 88
  • Leblus, Naamsevest 12
  • Lepoutre, Petermannenstraat 17
  • Multipharma, Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 4
  • Penne, Parkstraat 94
  • Pevenage, Naamsestraat 136
  • Van Derheyden, Fochplein 16
  • Van Hoeyveld, Tiensestraat 258
  • Van Malcot, Margarethaplein 1
  • Van Roey, Tervuursestraat 16
  • Van Wesel, Bogaardenstraat 79
  • Vandelaer, Mechelsestraat 130
  • Vincke, Kapucijnenvoer 108


List of dentists

  • Borgers E. & Vandendorpe E., Koning Leopold I-Straat 10, 016
    22 85 17
  • Bou Serhal C. & Pelsmaekers B., Herbert Hooverplein 20 Box 6, 016
    20 20 52
  • Bouckaert M.-J., Lemaire J. & Vanherle M., Dirk Boutslaan 6 Box
    1, 016 23 50 08
  • Colleman L., Parkstraat 150, 016 23 89 40
  • Colpaert C., Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 4, 016 23 32 98
  • De Soete M. & Goossens K., Constantin Meunierstraat 99, 016 29
    47 55
  • Dewever A. & Van de Boel A., 's Meiersstraat 11, 016 23 05 84
  • Ghyselen J. & Koninckx P., Koning Leopold I-Straat 45,
  • Goossens M., Naamsevest 120, 016 22 69 09
  • Gullentops J., Lombaardenstraat 7, 016 23 00 99
  • Leukemans D., Constantin Meunierstraat 54, 016 20 83 40
  • Melsen F., Bondgenotenlaan 57, 016 23 06 16
  • Mulier G., Schapenstraat 101, 016 22 47 19
  • Opdebeeck H., Lei 7, 016 29 31 31
  • Pelsmaekers E., Vaartstraat 14, 016 23 47 95
  • Pinxten A., Tiensestraat 33, 016 22 83 87
  • Poffé P., Dagobertstraat 27, 016 22 74 02
  • Remue J., Herbert Hooverplein 13, 016 23 49 00
  • Roosen J., Tiensevest 174, 016 29 07 55
  • Slabinck L., J.-B. Van Monsstraat 111, 016 29 40 17
  • Smets Y., Bondgenotenlaan 161, 016 23 30 50
  • Steeno A., Redingenstraat 7, 016 20 46 41
  • Stroobants P., Naamsestraat 91, 016 22 77 06
  • Tack A., Riddersstraat 119, 016 22 08 57
  • Taminau G., Goudsbloemstraat 23, 016 23 78 09
  • Van Calster E., Diestsevest 45, 016 22 20 50
  • Vanschoubroeck M., Philipslaan 15, 016 25 09 94
  • Verlooy M., Vaartstraat 71, 016 20 36 61


List of eye doctors

  • De Becker L., Beerlandt N. & Macken L., Koning Leopold I-Straat
    33, 016 22 05 37
  • De Clippeleir L., Tiensevest 156, 016 23 05 59
  • De Graeve C. & Van Dessel P., Medical Center Leuven, Maria Theresiastraat
    63 A, 016 23 71 11
  • Dhondt H., Dhondt K. & Maertens I., Onze-Lieve-Vrouwstraat 23,
    016 23 96 24
  • Thulie J., Lauweryns B. & Riestra J., Herbert Hooverplein 24, 016
    22 95 36