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Soon expected: Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and His Landscapes: Ideas on Nature and Art

C. Kleinert

Painting landscapes was very much a private activity for Peter Paul Rubens. Whilst the majority of his other works were commissioned, the landscapes seem to have been painted for his own pleasure and delight and stayed in the artist’s possession until his death. Most of them were painted in the last decade of his life; a happy period, in which Rubens retired from public duties and spent most of his free time studying the antique and enjoying sojourns on his country estate, castle Het Steen.

To grasp this profoundly personal character of Rubens’s landscapes, this book considers the artist’s highly complex method of pictorial invention to illuminate the perception, implementation, dissemination, and posthumous reception of views on nature and landscape as depicted in Rubens’s landscape art.

By investigating contemporary notions on the changing perception of nature and landscape in late 16th and early 17th-century southern Netherlandish culture, Rubens’s position within this socio-cultural matrix will be established, thus shedding new light on the artist’s own perception of nature and landscape. The re-assessment of the influence of classical and contemporary ideas about nature and landscape, as well as Rubens’s personal sense of place, will illuminate important characteristics which further define Rubens’s ideas about nature implemented in his landscape art. Also, fresh light will be cast on the sudden promulgation and dissemination of Rubens’s apparently private views on nature and landscape through a novel examination of the print series of the Small and Large Landscapes, reproducing the artist’s landscapes. The final theme in this illuminating book considers the posthumous reception of Rubens’s ‘painted ideas of landscape’.

The book also contains an updated version of the catalogue raisonné of Rubens’s landscape art, supplemented by a record of the Small and Large Landscapes prints series.

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Announcement lecture

Tussen herinnering en verheerlijking
De zeventiende-eeuwse oorlogen in beeld gebracht door Rubens’ collega-schilder Peter Snayers

Dr. Leen Kelchtermans, KU Leuven
Zondag 29 juni, 11.00 h

In deze lezing staat de in de zeventiende eeuw gerenommeerde veldslagenschilder Peter Snayers (1592-1667) centraal. Hij werd in Antwerpen geboren maar emigreerde in 1628 naar Brussel. Zijn uitgebreide netwerk van contacten in de Scheldestad en zijn sociale ambities in de hofstad worden voor het eerst onthuld; net als ook de manier waarop hij als niet-ooggetuige zijn grote en uiterst accurate topografische strijdtaferelen vervaardigde. Ook zijn militaire opdrachtgevers en de functies van Snayers’ oorlogsschilderijen worden aan de hand van ongepubliceerde archivalia onder de loep genomen. De vage grens tussen herinnering en verheerlijking, de balans tussen feit en fictie en de ontleningen aan Peter Paul Rubens in Snayers’ oeuvre krijgen hierbij bijzondere aandacht.

Inschrijven voor deze lezing kan via e-mail. De deelnameprijs van 4 euro betaalt u bij de start van de lezing.


Announcement conference


The Rubenianum (Antwerp) and the Early Modern Art History Research Team (University of Leuven) kindly invite you to the two-day symposium:


(Un)dressing Rubens. Fashion and Painting in Seventeenth-century Antwerp

date: 8 and 9 May 2014

Place: Antwerp, Rubenianum


The theme of this two-day symposium is the depiction of dress and fashion in the work of Peter Paul Rubens and his Flemish contemporaries and successors, often active at foreign courts (1580-1700). In addition to paintings, extant garments, contemporary texts on dress, and fashion prints will be considered as subjects of study to generate a comprehensive view of historical dress, its representation, and its perception in the Southern Netherlands. The symposium aims to generate new discussions and insights into the Southern Netherlandish history of costume, as well as to explore and uncover the complex historical interactions between fashion, prints and paintings. An explicitly interdisciplinary approach brings together leading figures and fresh voices from the fields of the history of dress and the history of art.

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Registration before 1 May 2014 is mandatory. Please register online at


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Announcement programm conference


'Woven paintings'? Designing, Producing, and Displaying Flemish and French Tapestry, 1650-1770

University of California, Berkeley / 21-23 November 2013